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Random Products

Nylon Case Nitecore perfectly complement a complete set of LED lights TrustFire. Perfect for medium-sized and under-barrel tactical light with a shaft diameter of 22 mm to 30 mm and diaetrom head of 25 mm. For this cover fits Z series and a flashlight C8-T6.

321.00 грн.

Nylon Case for Nitecore light is perfect for retrofitting small grenade and tactical lights such as TrustFire Z3, Z8 and WF-501B. This case will allow you to chat with your flashlight even more convenient. You will not feel the presence of light (as it would be if you wore it in your pocket), and at the same time, the light will always be at hand.

147.00 грн.
Out of stock

Nylon Holster for flashlight TrustFire TR-J12 is a great addition to the kit. Despite the impressive size of TR-J12-On Case will make your move more comfortable with a lantern.

161.00 грн.
Out of stock

     The most simple, durable and easy maintenance covers are made of nylon. The company's specialists TrustFire offer the most interesting models to their customers over the bright lights. Nylon carrying case allows mounting LED flashlight so that he was always on hand, giving the ability to quickly vospolzovatsya bright light if necessary.