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Random Products

This is a rare jewel of the company. Limited version. Lantern of TrustFire TR-Y2 right gift in the time and yuvilirnom case. TR-Y2 only with established special diode "warm" light XR-E allows to determine the authenticity of the gemstone. Exclusive shape lantern decorated with rhinestones. Lantern comes in a gift set. Good gift jeweler, treasure hunters, lovers jewelry exhibitions.

372.00 грн.

     This group is equipped with professional lights for indoors or in the workplace. Light intensity is sufficient to determine lit and small parts in equipment arrangements. Feature of these lights is the light does not overwork eyes and allows long-term operation with fine details. Lights up to 149 Lumen demand for repairs, additional light reading. Light does not attract attention to the wearer. This light is used in the modeling, jewelry, repair work indoors, watchmaking.

Attention! All products TrustFire is a global brand and original. In case of detection of counterfeits, please let us know about the sale of pirated copies on the territory of Ukraine, via feedback site.