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The sunniest, fashion lantern. Gilded LED Flashlight TR-Z10, thanks to a unique body has a high collection value. In use, it is easy to fix in your pocket robe, jacket or put in a purse. Marked buyers as stylish flashlight with powerful light that is always at hand. It is easy to highlight the necessary little things in the workplace, on the road, indoors, in the car. Beautiful modest gift.

653.00 грн.

The most convenient gift naklyuchny lantern for men or women. Recognised buyers all over the world form a lantern. Thanks to a strong chain with a ring , it can be convenient to carry the keys to the home, using economical , minimum mode for lighting a small space , an entrance , keyhole cockpit of the car, and in the case of danger to apply the maximum bright flashing strobe mode and blind stranger or signal the assistance. Using the highest mode of light can illuminate a distance of up to 85 meters in front of him . Mini- 03 is always at hand in all situations of daily use.

649.00 грн.
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This product category online TrustFire - ua is designed to help you find the LED on a particular food item - 10440 lithium battery (similar Ni - MH battery / AAA battery). These lights are compact in size and relatively low power beam - well serve as a light for every day.