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Headband mount Nitecore HB02 will turn any LED flashlight ( tactical podstvol'nyy , pocket ) into a powerful nalobnik . Buying himself LED flashlight, for example TrustFire Z3 complete with nagolovnym fastening - you do not just buy a flashlight for each day, and a nalobnik that while many times more powerful than the usual nagolovnyh lanterns. HB02 - allows you to assign color and up to three lights at the same time .

246.00 грн.

2 in 1 Simple, powerful and reliable light for bicycle BL-T6 red which intuitively quickly and are easy to install on your bike or use as one of the super-power spotlights Headband. Very handy solution for successful night fishings, hiking and caving, and just in the household.

869.00 грн.
Out of stock

2 in 1 Waterproof, powerful and reliable light for bicycle BL-T6 with a long duration of light, as well as one of the super powerful headlamps (spotlights). Vertex expectations in quality-price ratio. Please save on functionality velofary high quality!

1 246.00 грн.
Out of stock

One of bright, powerful and professional focused nalobny lamps in the metal case. The portable power unit considerably increases operating time in relation to other models.

1 155.00 грн.
Out of stock

       LED Headlamp mounted on the head elastic belts freeing his hands and giving the necessary flexibility during your activity. Therefore, the requirements for the headlamp is quite strict. By introducing a convenient system of focusing a beam of light, for fans of this type of light , TrustFire specialists offer the best, powerful and reliable models headlamps , different duration of light, cheap and convenient switching system nebhodimo light and angles . Complete sets of headlamps have accessory chargers and battery packs . It is also important to note that the models of LED lights have the ability to hiring additional optional accessories.

Headlamps can be focusable or with a static beam. If you are using you can adjust the focus range of the beam. Not unimportant as well yavlyaetsya choice for foodstuffs with your flashlight.

       In the headlamp LED flashlights TrustFire from the official representative in Ukraine, considered the interests of all those who enthusiastically engaged in outdoor activities : hunting , night fishing, caving . This is a model for the serious professional activities are closely related to the use of light forehead as well as for simple tourism, fishing and home.