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Random Products

Силиконовая смазка для ухода за Вашими фонарями, лазерами или другими резьбовыми соединениями. Смазка силиконовая высокой очистки, жидкая. Для тех кому нужна густая силиконовая смазка обращаем внимание на другой продукт - Силиконовая смазка для фонарей NexTORCH.

70.00 грн.

Silicone lubricant Jetbeam (Nitecore) MG20 will help you protect your LED flashlight from moisture during the dive under the water.

101.00 грн.

Hit sales. High-quality silicone grease from the company Nitecore, to care for your lights. Prevents moisture from entering, as well as prolongs the life of the lantern. Recommend periodically lubricate rezbovye connection lanterns as well as silicone sealing ring.

89.00 грн.

Silicone lubricant for NexTORCH care of your lights, lasers or other threaded connections. Silicone grease for lights NexTORCH has a high temperature endurance. Suitable for all types of lamps. Can be used with any lights for threaded connections.

100.00 грн.

     Application of silicone grease to enhance the durability of threaded connections insures lantern from moisture inside thus protecting the internal parts from oxidation. This detail is indispensable for reliable underwater flashlight, hunting, fishing, outdoors during weather precipitation.