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Rechargeable battery Litium Li-Ion CR123A Nitecore NL166 3.7V (650mAh), protected

232.00 грн.
In stock: yes

      High quality battery tm Nitecore Li-Ion CR123A / 16340 is based on the materials of Panasonic and sound card built-in protection from Nitecore. Capacity 650mAh tested numerous people testamii is optimal for long-term use of standard battery CR123A / 16340. Accommodates over 500 charge-discharge cycles. It is recommended to use for high power lamps. It is used in devices with high power consumption. Widely used in LED, super bright halogen lamps, some electrical, toys and other electrical equipment. Supplied in individual blister packs.

      The battery you can always buy in our online store lamp with delivery to any city of Ukraine.

      The main parameters of the battery Li-Ion CR123A / 16340 Nitecore 3.7V (650mAh):

  • Brand: Nitecore
  • Battery Type: Li-Ion rechargeable lithium battery CR123A / 16340
  • Dimensions: Length 34.8mm * 16.6mm diameter
  • Weight: 17.8 g
  • Capacity: 650mAh (650mAch)
  • Voltage: 3.7V (3.7V)
  • Protected (Protected): Nitecore Built-in protection against overcharging, short circuit, reverse polarity, over-discharge. The basis of cell - Panasonic.
  • Options: Battery CR123A / 16340 Nitecore 3.7V (650mAh) protected - 1pc. Corporate blister packaging Nitecore.

        Price is for one battery.

             Extras. accessories (sold separately, if necessary):

Battery Charger for 18650 (you can charge batteries on the vehicle's cigarette lighter 12V)

       List of common lights on batteries CR123A / 16340:

  1. TrustFire TR-803;
  2. TrustFire mini-01;