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Car adaptor 12V for TrustFire TR-001, TR-003 p4 Multi-Purpose Lithium Battery Charger (Car Auto 12V)

83.00 грн.
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       Power adapter for charging devices such as Trustfire TR-001 / TR-003 (P4) of the vehicle's cigarette lighter 12V (12V). Very useful when you go fishing, hunting or just the nature or other place where there is no access to the 220 ​​but is at hand with the car cigarette lighter.

       Adapter into the cigarette lighter is suitable for most lithium battery charger which is the entrance to the 12V power supply (cigarette lighter, car network).


Main parameters and characteristics of the adapter into the cigarette lighter car charger for lithium (such TrustFie TR-001, TR-003p4:

Parameters pin connector:
External Diameter: 3.5mm
inner diameter: 1.4mm
Cord Length: 1.0m
Weight: 35g
Voltage: 12V (500 mA)