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Holster for Nitecore flashlights (MH25, P25)

321.00 грн.
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      Nylon Case Nitecore perfectly complement a complete set of LED lights TrustFire. Perfect for medium-sized and under-barrel tactical light with a shaft diameter of 22 mm to 30 mm and diaetrom head of 25 mm. For this cover fits Z series and a flashlight C8-T6.

       Main parameters and characteristics of the cover for a lamp:

  • Brand: Nitecore;
  • Dimensions: 142 x 37 mm;
  • Weight: 33 g;
  • Color: black;
  • Material: Nylon;
  • Suitable models Lantern: TrustFire Z3, TrustFire Z8, TrustFire WF-501B;

       Lights that can be used to cover:

  • TrustFire Z3;
  • TrustFire Z8;
  • TrustFire WF-501B (5 modes);
  • TrustFire WF-501B (mode 1);

       Possible additional accessories for this product:

  • LED lights;
  • accessories;