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Holster for Nitecore flashlights N314 (MT25, MT26, EC25)

147.00 грн.
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       Nylon Case for Nitecore light is perfect for retrofitting small grenade and tactical lights such as TrustFire Z3, Z8 and WF-501B. This case will allow you to chat with your flashlight even more convenient. You will not feel the presence of light (as it would be if you wore it in your pocket), and at the same time, the light will always be at hand.

       Main parameters and characteristics of the cover for a lamp:

  • Brand: Nitecore;
  • Dimensions: 142 x 37 mm;
  • Weight: 33 g;
  • Color: black;
  • Material: Nylon;
  • Suitable models Lantern: TrustFire Z3, TrustFire Z8, TrustFire WF-501B;

       Lights that can be used to cover:

  • TrustFire Z3;
  • TrustFire Z8;
  • TrustFire WF-501B (5 modes);
  • TrustFire WF-501B (mode 1);

Possible additional accessories for this product:

  • LED lights;
  • accessories;