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Diffuser filter for flashlights Nitecore NFG40 (40mm), green

258.00 грн.
In stock: yes


Green LED light diffuser for 40 mm in diameter , can serve as the owner of the hunt and in everyday life. With the green lens can be reviewed documents and mapping, when ordinary light is inconvenient to use. Green diffusers help many hunters bring prey to their home (many species of animals are not afraid of green light and do not run away from it) .

       The main parameters of the diffusion filter Nitecore NFG40 (40mm) green:

  • Model: Diffuser filter Nitecore NFG40, green ;
  • Dimensions : Diameter 40mm;
  • Product material : plastic, rubber ;
  • Surface color: green ;

      Extras. accessories (sold separately , if necessary) :

  • LED Lights TrustFire;
  • Accessories for LED lights ;
  • Chargers ;
  • accessories;