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Diffuser filter for flashlights Nitecore NFG60 (60mm), green

437.00 грн.
In stock: yes


       The Nitecore NFG60 filter for big search lamps, it is saturated - zaleny color with a diameter of head of 60 mm. Thanks to quality of a material, after careful selection, it was accepted and recommended by the official representative in Ukraine тм to TrustFire for application on LED lamps of the company.

       The Nitecore NFG60 filter gives priority in range and a saturation of a green range to long-range lamps of TrustFire.

       In view of the standard recognition behind lamps as the best podstvolnykh-okhotnichy, search okhotnichy use of the green light filter will expand scope of a lamp and will add more pleasure from its use.

       Diffuzor is delivered in the blister.

       Key parameters of the diffusive Nitecore NFG60 filter (60mm) the green:

  • Model: Diffuzor Nitecore NFBG60 filter
  • Product material: rubber, plastic
  • Color of a product: the green
  • Overall dimensions: diameter-60мм
  • Weight: 50 гр

        Compatibility with TrustFire lamps:

  • TrustFire TR-J18
  • TrustFire TR-J12 
  • TrustFire X9 

      As we recommend to look at compatible filters to these lamps:

  • Diffuzor the filter for Nitecore NFD60 lamps (60mm), white
  • Diffuzor the filter for Nitecore NFR60 lamps (60mm), red
  • Diffuzor the filter for Nitecore NFG60 lamps (60mm), blue