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Diffuser filter for flashlights Nitecore NFR60 (60mm), red

437.00 грн.
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      Filter Nitecore NFR60 for sveryarkih light , bright - red head with a diameter of 60mm . Its red color will help to expand the scope of application of light TrustFire hunting or in the fields of photographic film industry, beekeeping, as well as the possibility of alarm - alarm and other light signals or the use of red light when using night vision devices.

       Due to the quality of the material , after careful selection, has been accepted and recommended by an official representative of TM TrustFire, for use in LED flashlights company. Filter Nitecore NFR60 an advantage in range and intensity of the light spectrum of red lanterns ranged TrustFire.

       Taking into account the common recognition of the lights as the best under-barrel and hunting , searching and hunting use blue filter will extend the scope of the lamp and add more fun to use.

        The diffuser comes in a blister.

        The main parameters of the diffusion filter Nitecore NFR60 (60mm) red:

  • Model: Diffuser filter Nitecore NFR60
  • Product material : rubber, plastic
  • Surface color: red
  • Dimensions : Diameter -60mm
  • Weight : 50 g

       Compatible with flashlights TrustFire:

  • TrustFire TR-J18
  • TrustFire TR-J12
  • TrustFire X9

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