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External Battery Pack with Pouch for LED bike flashlights (4x18650)

479.00 грн.
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       Rather seldom meeting without a set with a cycle headlight the external storage block for bicycle lamps and nalobny lamps of the TrustFire company. It is recommended as the main or spare unit for judges of night bicycle routes with superbright light or professional long use of light of a nalobny lamp of TrustFire TR-H1 in a night-time or dark rooms.

       Specially sewed universal cover of the block allows to fix it as on a bicycle frame, and to fix for a belt. During the winter period from cycle headlights and other lamps where elements of a food are fixed on a headlight, the portable storage block can be hidden in difference in a warm place, thereby without having allowed its premature discharge keeping the capacity of light of your lamp.

       The main characteristics of the lithium storage block for cycle headlights and nalobny lamps:

  • Brand: TrustFire
  • Overall dimensions: 36мм x 36 mm x 65 mm
  • Weight: 180 гр
  • Type of the storage battery: lithium Li-Ion accumulator 4х18650
  • Capacity: 2,2 Ah (2200мАч)
  • Tension: 4,2V max
  • Protected (Protected): Built-in protection. Protection against a recharge, short circuit, polarity reversal, excessive category.
  • Complete set: the storage block, cover for fastening on a cycle frame or for fastening on a belt.

       Extras. accessories (sold separately, if necessary):

  • Bicycle lamps;
  • Headlamps;
  • accessories;
  • Fixing on the bicycle;